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In CI test system very often the device under test will be set to a known state by flashing a base software using a debugger before starting the test. Normally the runtime of the test itself is much larger than flashing the base software itself. For running for example smoke tests in an CI environment multiple DUT instances are available and can be used for tests in parallel. The HILmux can be used to connect one debugger instance to multiple DUT instances in such use case.

HILmux select and establish the connection from one or more Debugger instances to multiple embedded DUT instances and/ or to different SOC per DUT instance
Measurement of the reference voltage of the different connected DUTs/ SOCs to get their power status
Use the HILmux to repair a DUT within the testfarm which has been „update bricked“ after running a failed test. Just select the Debugger connection to the „bricked“ DUT using the HILmux to perform a developer flash.
Controllable over USB


For development and measurement purposes „special tools“ are available to readout and/ or change memory regions within the DUT. Those tools use the same debugg interface like a „classic debugger“. If these „special tools“ are part of your automated tests HILmux gives you the flexibility to connect the „special tool“ or the „classic debugger“ to the DUT.
Very often an integration test combining many different embedded control units connected to each other is executed in many test cycles to prove the needed stability within this interconnected setup. Here it can happen that you run in the rarely situation that one of the devices within the interconnection hangs. HILmux can is this case remotely setup a debugger connection within the complex testsetup to the DUT within the integration test setup to debug the problem remotely at the affected embedded control unit.


  • Type of connector used at Device under Test PCB and debugger connection
  • Configurable quantity of available connections to DUT
  • Configurable quantity of available Debugger instances
  • Support of different Debugger types at the same time
  • Shape, size and mount holes can be adapted to the mechanical needs for your test setup
  • Please sent out your needed configuration to our support to get an offer.

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HILmux frontview configuration example
HILmux backview configuration example